Recycled Fabrics

In BITEX we bet on the recycling process

RE-CYCLE came about based on our team’s belief in using textile decoration to turn discarded waste into attractive spaces.

This initiative involves making the most of recyclable material; reusing it and creating products that have much more value than the original product or material.

Our challenge is to create recycled collections with the same quality as non-recycled materials.







At Industrias Bitex, we have incorporated a recycling process into our policies, repurposing used materials which are reprocessed into fibres that can be weaved again.

This process significantly reduces energy and water consumption and provides a solution to the huge problem of waste management. We have also been working on restructuring the fibre dying process by introducing sublimation printing to considerably reduce water consumption.

The efficient use of resources, trying to reduce the inefficient consumption of energy as much as possible, along with generating our own energy which we do in our own solar panel plant, means we are almost fully energy independent.