Industrias Bitex partners with the SEAQUAL initiative to help clean up our oceans.

What is Seaqual?

SEAQUAL is an initiative that aims to challenge plastic pollution by cleaning marine debris from the sea and urging society towards sustainability.

The SEAQUAL initiative is a unique partnership model that involves NGOs, fishermen, local communities, researchers, scientists and private corporations which, together, aim to clean both the floor and surface of oceans, rivers and estuaries, beaches and coastlines.

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Fabrics for a clean ocean / Create by transforming

SEAQUAL YARN is high-quality polyester thread produced from recycled materials including post-consumption plastic bottles and plastic collected from the sea. The manufacturing of this material contributes to conserving natural resources and keeping the oceans cleaner.

We select plastic from the Mediterranean to obtain pieces or pellets of PET (polyethylientereftalto)

We help clean up ocean litter with the help of fishermen

We turn plastic into polyester thread to make fabrics

Production process

Seaqual applies a vertical production process with controlled traceability. It starts by selecting and recycling some of the plastic collected and turning it into granules. In turn, these are made into ethically produced yarn. Industrias Bitex enters the chain at the point of the product design and weaving process in a commitment to create new collections using recovered waste. The result is recycled fabrics that meet all quality standards.