Bitex was established in 1986 and founded in Biar (Spain) by Miguel Molina Camarasa

Miguel Ángel Molina, Loli Molina and Cristóbal Molina, the second generation of the family, currently run the company which manufactures decorative fabrics with innovative and attractive designs.

After 30 years of experience, we have more than 12,000m2 of facilities where we perform the warping process right through to finishing; including weaving, printing and calendaring, plus we control the whole manufacturing process to guarantee consistent quality throughout.




Industrias Bitex started business in 1986, as an extension of the work undertaken in 1958 by its founding partner Miguel Molina Camarasa.

The second generation of the family currently runs the company and continues to do so with the same familiar and service-based spirit with which it was founded.


Concurring with the movement of its headquarters in 1994, a complete restructuring of the industrial park was undertaken and the latest generation of looms, inspection equipment and quality control procedures, temperature conditioning and air purification system were incorporated.

An ongoing upgrade to equipment has positioned us as one of the best equipped weaving companies with the most fully up-to-date machinery in the business to date.


In addition, the firm is immersed in continuous development which, in 2008, led to a commitment to greater specialisation in mechanisation including the technological innovations required to keep up with the leading companies in the sector. This enabled us to develop technical textiles (anti-bacterial, flame retardant, water-repellent, anti-stain, etc) and sell the most competitive products with greater added value.

As a result, the company set up a Research, Development and Innovation team to manage all projects related to these products. The research performed over recent years has provided us with the ability to manufacture innovative fabrics and differentiate ourselves from the competition.


In turn, Bitex has production control of every process, all of which are monitored through a state-of-the-art computer system that guarantees consistent quality and meeting of deadlines. This means we can successfully compete on the most demanding national and international markets.

Continuing with the desire to learn exuded by the company, Bitex incorporated digital printing into its services in 2013. At this point, the company formed a full human and technical team and incorporated the most modern, quick and efficient special textile printing and finishing technology. This opened the door to an array of new opportunities to explore and implement digital printing for both for fabrics for home décor and technical textiles.


Over recent years, we have incorporated a finishes centre into the company itself, which has positioned Bitex as a comprehensive company controlling the production process from start to finish.

We are currently continuing to add the very best technology on the market with the ambition of becoming fully digitalised and improve process control, since it will lead to greater added value and a competitive edge because we will have more information to help make decisions.


We are a Spanish company operating in the textiles sector. We are specialists in manufacturing and distributing fabrics for home décor and the contract sector. We have a wide variety and versatility of fabrics for curtains, sheer curtains, exteriors, upholstery and decorative purposes. In addition, we strive every day to provide great customer service. Since 1994, our facilities have been located in the “Els Dos Pins” industrial estate (Biar, Alicante). We have 9,000m square metres of floor area.

We control the production process:






Storage and logistics



Technological innovation

We believe that renewal drives change, which is why we’re immersed in constantly developing our equipment and processes. We are currently one of the best equipped and up-to-date companies in the sector.


We have flexible work structures that enable us to focus on our objectives; we turn challenges into continuous developments and are capable of adapting to suit the market requirements.

Continuous evolution

We are continuously seeking excellence in both our actions as well as decision making processes, and we are equipped to communicate this commitment to our employees, clients, suppliers and, of course, to anyone who makes an enquiry with our company.

Digital transformation

We are working to adapt to new digital scenarios by implementing automated procedures that feed us useful information to improve decision making processes.

International vision

We look beyond our borders with a presence in xxx markets.

Customer service

We are working constantly to achieve full customer satisfaction. To do so, we put real emphasis on an honesty- and trust-based relationship, where the closeness of our service is the fundamental pillar in the company's culture.